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  1. Hi Zen,

    I’d just like to say after reading your well written, honest article on Aspergers Syndrome & Relationships I’ve now gained some crucial insight into someone I know with aspergers, so thanks for that!

    I wondered if I can get some insight into a few characteristics as you seem to have a very open attitude towards the condition.

    This person I’m friends with shows signs of suspicion (as you mention can be a characteristic in the article) and is very wary about meeting and contacting me too often. I was wondering is it common for someone with aspergers to be intermittently distant and/or self-isolating from other people?

    I’m in a situation at the moment where I find I do much of the initial contacting and she can sometimes brush me off with a brusque reply. Yet she sometimes surprises me with an initiating question of asking how I am.

    Would you say patience is the key in these early instances?

    If you can email me that would be great,


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