Feeling a bit guilty

This is Banjo (formerly & briefly known as Dylan). There is a very good reason that Banjo is looking sorry for himself and is going a quite convincing impression of  a broken lamp, and that reason is that he was neutered yesterday.

I have been told time and time again that unless you are going to breed from your dog, it is always good practice to neuter male dogs. Apparently they get sexually frustrated and are more likely to run away (or under a car) should they get the scent of a female on heat. These reasons make sense and are enough to convince me that it is the right thing to do. In fact our male cats are neutered too for similar reasons.

A recent documentary on the BBC told us that in the UK on average one stray or unwanted dog is put to sleep every hour, which frankly is another great reason to have your dog fixed. Why potentially add to a very serious problem?

Apparently there are serious health risks associated with not having your dog neutered, although I must admit, I am a little more dubious about that argument. Obviously if you remove your dogs’ testicles, then testicular cancer is unlikely to say the least, but I was told by a vet recently that cancer is very common in “in-tact” male dogs. Alright, Mother Nature and natural selection may not have much to do with Banjo’s appearance, but his basic biology is pretty much the same as his bigger pack hunting cousins and I am a little unsure as to why evolution would lumber male canines in particular with a ticking cancerous time bomb. Still I am not a vet and I am sure there is a good reason.

Incidentally I am writing this at 6am, as Banjo keeps waking up thinking his head is trapped in something because of the lampshade, which causes him to panic and to pull his stitches.

As the title of this post suggests, I am feeling a bit guilty, one male to another, I find it quite difficult to catch Banjo’s eye, which for once has nothing to do with Aspergers Syndrome.

Poor Banjo!

ZenEmu X