Autism & Potential for Vulnerabilty

Pride Comes Before a Fall. I have wanted to write this post for a while now, but if I am honest I have been unsure of how best to write it, so I have put it off. As someone with Aspergers Syndrome, but also someone who works with vulnerable people I have found it quite … Continue reading “Autism & Potential for Vulnerabilty”

Autism, Empathy & Theory of Mind

  Autism. I have Aspergers Syndrome and I am perfectly aware that other people have their own needs, their own thoughts and their own points of view. Where my problem lies is in putting these things together in order to work out somebody’s intentions, or perhaps more commonly, lack of intentions. For example: Does someone … Continue reading “Autism, Empathy & Theory of Mind”

Autism & Vaccines – My View.

The problem with the community. Vaccines are probably the biggest area of contention within the Autism community and there are some very strong opinions on either side. I don’t have a child with a severe disability. I don’t know what it is to devote my life to a child who may, for the rest of … Continue reading “Autism & Vaccines – My View.”

Genetic Differences – The Autistic Brain

A fascinating project conducted be a team of US molecular geneticists based at Mount Sinai and led by professor Joseph Buxbaum have been mapping the genome of autistic people. The researched involved 810 volunteers – 60% of which had been formally diagnosed with ASD, with the remaining 40% neurotypical. The research showed that the autistic … Continue reading “Genetic Differences – The Autistic Brain”